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‘Kazembe Kazembe was not involved in any accident’

The Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage has dismissed as false social media reports claiming that Minister Kazembe Kazembe was involved in a fatal accident this Wednesday.

The reports claimed that the accident Minister Kazembe’s driver had died in the accident although the location of the supposed tragedy was not disclosed.

Pictures of an accident damaged twin-cab truck accompanied the reports with the vehicle misrepresented as the minister’s official car in a development aimed at giving “credence to the fake news”, the home affairs ministry said in a statement.

“To the country, neither Minister Kazembe Kazembe nor his driver, were involved in an accident today (Wednesday),” said Ministry spokesperson Francis Mupazviriho.

“The Minister, who was surprised to receive the news about the ‘accident’, which was supposed to have claimed the life of his driver, is typicallyin good health and high spirits, having spent the greater part of the day conducting his routine duties in his office!”

Mupazviriho added, “We urge the public to dismiss the falsehoods which, evidently border on pre mischief for ulterior motives.”

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