New-age prophetic cult: Fake prophecies, miracles, dark powers explained

After confessing to have been part of a growing new-age prophetic cult that has taken most of Africa by storm, Zimbabwean-born televangelist Jay Israel has embarked on a journey to expose false prophets. In his live-streams that have sparked controversy, he has continuously highlighted that his campaign is hinged on opening people’s eyes in a relentless effort to usher them to the true gospel. Another South African repentant creative known as Mr Wise, who confessed to participating in crafting fake miracles has also done live-streams explaining in detail how fake miracles are created.

Jay Israel explained online how he used to work and help a prominent South African Man of God fake miracles in front of unsuspecting congregants and viewers through paying actors and using other forms of trickery. He described in detail staged skits from the famous “Pamela why!” prophecy to the controversial “Elliot resurrection” miracle, which failed dismally and caused lots of problems for the church. 

In his live-streams he has also named big prophets in Zimbabwe whom he accused of falsely misleading congregants through unbiblical conduct just to get money from them. He has alleged that some sourced dark powers and some use trickery to get into people’s pockets. 

Jay Israel had condemned the gospel of “son-ship” which he claims is corrupting Christianity. He has criticised the way young pastors are turning into prophets after pledging son-ship to spiritual fathers and how those pastors are also breeding their own “sons”. He gave an example of how a Zimbabwean prophet formerly known as a reverend woke up being a prophet after embarking on a journey to a foreign African country where he pledged “son-ship” to a spiritual father. 

The selling of church merchandise like stickers, wristbands, anointed oil and holy water also came under the spotlight as he described it as a scam. Jay Israel explained how new-age churches are profiting from selling items that never work spiritually. He expressed disgust in how people, even the well-learned are blind to the deception that is right in front of them.

Mr Wise

Mr Wise is an expert videographer who works with many big churches in South Africa to film and edit their church service videos. He also works with famous celebrities on their video projects. He has recently embarked on exposing the fake prophecies and miracles that are taking place in churches. He also confessed to crafting some of them.

In one of his live-streams, Mr Wise demonstrated how he created “Angels captured on camera” video which went viral on social media. He also demonstrated how a fake demonstration of power by the Man of God in which “fire appeared from nowhere to burn evil objects” was done using potassium permanganate and glycerine. He explained how other fake prophies are done; prophecies that involve cellphones and collecting information from unsuspecting congregants and giving it to the Man of God before he comes onto the stage.

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Mr Wise has also described sexual activities involving the Men of God and young girls for ritual purposes.  

He was responded to with a lawsuit and he claims his life is in danger as he alleged that hitmen will definitely be paid to come after him.

Apostle Makhado

Apostle Makhado is a South African author of the book “The Church Mafia” who confessed to how he travelled the world to find secrete powers in order to grow the numbers of his church members.

In his book he exposes how true Men of God are becoming new-age prophets through seeking dark power from dark places. 

Apostle Makhado describes how he first went to Nigeria and was put in a drum full of boiling water among other horrid things and came back with tremendous power. He explains how he slept naked in a grave of a baby girl in Zimbabwe just to gain more power, even though he would later hear the cries of that girl in house during the night.

He also describes his journey to Mozambique where he was given two magic charms which he was supposed to name. He named them “By Fire” and “By Force” which he would call on during his church sermons.

Apostle Makhado also gives details of how he took seed money and put it on an alter in order to make those who would have seeded to continue bringing money. He also explains how he would come in late during the church service in order to avoid intercession time as the power within him was too dark to mix with intercession prayers.

In these trying times the pursuit for money and power continues to grow and even holy men are not being spared. It is time for individuals to search deep within and find purpose and meaning to life. It is time to resist being brainwashed by doctrines that do not make sense. As far as Christianity is concerned, the truth is in the Bible. Anything else that is forced upon anyone should be dismissed without thought. 


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